Jawad Bendaoud is currently on trial and during his trial, he connects the surrealist statements.

The scene is surreal. On the second day of his trial, which is expected to last until February 14, Jawad Bendaoud, better known as the “landlord of Daesh” is a victim and makes hallucinatory remarks. Before the Paris Criminal Court, the atmosphere was even more tense than during the first day of the hearing, so the meeting had to be suspended for a while. Jawad is once again the laughingstock of the web because of totally surrealist statements, here are some of them:

“There’s not a day when my kids do not have their Granola!” It’s their favorite cake. “At weekends, I take them out, take them to McDonald’s.” My son, he’s a little scared. the opposite of me “.

“I’m finished, whether I’m lying or not, who’s going to hire me out?” I had a cocaine point-of-sale project, who’s going to partner with me? “

“Madam Chair, I would like to apologize for yesterday because I saw on TV that I said you do not impress me, I apologize, there is nothing between us, ma’am!”

“There are people in my place, they would have cut the testicles, put a tray and they would have said:” Hold my c ******* “” Abaoud, it was normal. The way he spoke to me, he was in relaxation mode. My mother’s life, the same scene at 80 with Alzheimer’s, I will not forget. “

“You’re trying to put me in a shit for something I have not done, I’ve never felt poop, I will not smell poo!”

“Me, pimp? It’s a bit coward to accuse me, I have girlfriends call girls, I rented apartments to girlfriends, that’s all!”

“I was dancing on Claude François'” Les magnolias “when there was the Stade de France bombings, and a friend told me there was an attack on the Stade de France.”