According to the report published by Kotaku Sledgehammer Games had put on hold the release of thier next entry of Call of Duty Series, Treyarch would be taking over for the release of 2020 Call of Duty.

The Report which was published on 18th May say that SHG’s attempt to launch 2020 Call of Duty is currently a “mess” and from onward the trusted team of developers from Treyarch would be working on this project. Earlier this was told both developes by Activision that they are putting on hold the planned release of 2020 from Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software.

As per the statement by Kotaku Treyarch is expected to relase fifth entry in the Call of Duty Series moreover, Sledgehammer and Raven will now support them.

From onward “Treyarch which is situated or based in Santa Monica, California would be incharge of “Call of Duty” Black Ops 5 for 2020.

This also has been confirmed in the Kotaku Report that games campaign will set in the Cold war Era, and Sledgehammer and Raven had been working on and both Current-gen Consles and next-gen PlayStation and xbox are expected to be released.

The  Kotaku also wrote that Black Ops 4 is not brought the expected revenues and the publisher is considering the use of free-to-play model for Modern Warfare fourth Of course, the game will not be free, but it may make its component accessible to everyone without cost and try to generate money through microtransactions.

Accoring to Kotaku initially the Raven Software was the lead developer on 2020 and Sledgehammer was working as supporting Studio, until the the decision was made to push Treyarch forward.