The television series Travelers will be back with a third season on the US platform Netflix from December 14th.

Brad Wright’s show is expected within four weeks on Netflix for the broadcast of his third season. Travelers takes place hundreds of years into the future. A team of “travelers”, special operations agents, are sent to the 21st while the survival of the human species is threatened. In order to prevent the decline of humanity in a more or less distant future, these “travelers” arrive by means of a process described as a “transfer of consciousness”, an operation to “crush” the consciousness of an individual host, just before his death, by that of a “traveler”. The “travelers” have missions, they are to foil important events with heavy consequences in the future, in order to perpetuate the future of humanity and life on Earth.

A trailer for Travelers

The cast is composed of Eric McCormack (FBI Agent Grant MacLaren – Traveler 3468), MacKenzie Porter (Marcy Warton – Traveler 3569), Nesta Cooper (Carly Shannon – Traveler 3465), Jared Abrahamson (Trevor Holden – Traveler 0115), Reilly Dolman (Philip Pearson – Traveler 3326), Patrick Gilmore (David Mailer), Arnold Pinnock (Walter Forbes), Alyssa Lynch (Rene Bellamy), Glynis Davies (Jacqueline Peele), Enrico Colantoni (Vincent Ingram – Traveler 001) and Amanda Tapping (Dr. Perrow).