A featurette that recounts the origins.

After the trailer aired last night, the movie Tomb Raider takes a little more life thanks to a featurette.

She recounts how the new actress Lara Croft – Alicia Vikander – has prepared for this role, but also on how she sees the character. “I had never seen a girl in the main character of a video game, she was like indomitable, voluntary (…) I dreamed of when I was a kid, to experience this type of adventure. “

We can also see some unusual sequences that will appear in the film, especially when Lara arrives on a mysterious island in the Asian waters, looking for her father who might still be alive.

The film, expected for March 14, 2018 , will be closer to the reboot video playful of 2013.

This article first appeared on: fr.ign.com