While partners Sony Pictures are preparing to deploy red tracks for the premiere of “Venom”, the performer of the title role Tom Hardy continues to hint that it is potentially not just a solo album about one of the most popular antagonists from the comics of Marvel, but the beginning of a new large-scale franchise. Drawing it on himself Hardy was ready for a long time – it turns out, the actor signed a contract for three films about Venom.

Of course, it all depends on the success of the first film at the box office – if the “Venom”, which in fact is another story about the origin of the superhero, will be successful, Sony Pictures will withdraw two more films. “I’m open to everything they want to do with him [Venom] ,” admits, meanwhile, Hardy in an interview with Total Film. “Let’s see how the audience reacts to it.”

Earlier, the director of the film Ruben Fleischer, and Tom Hardy himself expressed a desire to see in the new franchise Spiderman – “old friend” Venom. However, in an interview with Total Film, the actor stressed that Sony wants to make a separate universe out of Venom, with MCU unconnected.

“Venom” starts at the box office very soon – October 4, 2018.

Trailer of Venom