Tom Hardy seems rather disappointed to have seen 30 to 40 minutes of film removed.

Let it be said: Venom is not the project that excites fans of comics the most. However, the character is very much appreciated, Tom Hardy a respected actor but it is at the level of the first images and the director who everything seems to block. Not to mention the production of Sony that seems to have charcuter editing of the film if we believe a recent interview rather .. tense. And for good reason: it was during a meeting with Comics Explained that Tom Hardy let go of the cutting of Venom. While co-star Riz Ahmed tries to calm him, the atmosphere becomes more and more complicated. Video below.

Tom Hardy regrets several tens of minutes removed from the film


Venom seems a painful project for Tom Hardy, who seemed very happy to play the famous symbiote. While the film will be released on October 10, the actor returned to the experience during an interview for Comics Explained. As a reminder, the film had to be violent enough – like a Deadpool – to be Rated-R. But here it is: Sony has changed its mind, asked for many cuts and Venom will finally be PG-13. It was when the reporter asked him about his favorite scene that Tom Hardy was … very honest.

There are between 30 and 40 minutes that are not this movie .. all those there. Funky puppet scenes, very dark comedy. Do you see what I mean? They were not kept.

Somehow, Rice Ahmed catches the blow by explaining that if the scenes were removed, it is that they were not necessarily good (or relevant). Reply Tom Hardy, disillusioned? “Thanks dude”.