He took a few Oscars and a cardboard figure of himself.

An actor with an impeccable reputation took the risk for the sake of his friend, TV host Jimmy Kimmel. Tom came to the last in the studio to play in one of the issues of Jimmy Kimmel Live !, and eventually committed a crime. That’s how it was.

During the broadcast, Jimmy said that the actor’s impeccable reputation allows him to do whatever he pleases and not only will he not be stopped, but not even punished. And he suggested that Tom steal a cardboard piece of himself from the gift shop next to the studio. The latter is located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Hanks agreed and eventually brought Kimmel not only the claimed figure, but also a couple of Oscars, also taken without asking from the storefront. On top of that, Tom still ruined Matt Damon’s figure, which Jimmy has been mocking for over 16 years in his show.