The actress held a party for 400 guests, and Cruise, who had not been invited, entered that way.

Tom Cruise appeared without invitation to one of Kate Hudson’s parties after “climbing an eight-foot door” to enter the party.

Kate Hudson recalled the incident during an appearance on Thursday’s installment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when she and her brother Oliver talked about parties at her family’s house.

The brothers remembered organizing elaborate parties at the home of their mother, Goldie Hawn, and their longtime partner, Kurt Russell, when they were out of town, with Oliver revealing: “Kate would invite people from the industry and I would invite to the riff raff. “

Explaining that the parties got bigger and bigger, Kate revealed that her childhood love, Tom Cruise, even appeared once, despite not having been invited.

“I remember I was having this party with more than 400 people. I see someone climbing an eight foot (2.5 meter) door in my parents’ house and I get scared … and it’s Tom Cruise!

“I thought,” Oh, I didn’t realize you were coming to my party! “He is Mission: Impossible,” she said.

During the conversation, he also confessed to having smoked cannabis with his parents before. The drug is now legal in Los Angeles, where the family resides.