Microïds, the video game label of Anuman Interactive, partners with Philippe Dessoly and Pierre Adane for the remake of Toki on Nintendo Switch.

A planned time on Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) and PC thanks to the duo Pierre Adane and Philippe Dessoly (with the help of Golgoth Studio), the remake of Toki  (also known as Juju Densetsu in Japan), originally released on arcade kiosks in 1989, was finally canceled after multiple postponements (a PS Vita version was also planned at the latest news). While no one really expected to see the primitive human warrior, Microïds studio recently announced the arrival of this remake of the 2D platform game with new HD graphics for the end of the year on Nintendo Switch.


Philippe Dessoly, draftsman of the original version of Toki on Amiga, creator of Mr Nutz and known for his official drawings of Goldorak and Albator, has also been named as responsible for the artistic direction of this remake: “I have a very special relationship with this game that I particularly love, it’s kind of my Madeleine Proust! From the first notes of music, I plunged back to the time of the adaptation of the title on Amiga and Atari where it reigned then a particular atmosphere in the middle of the video game. It’s a memorable memory for me, so when 30 years later I was offered this remake, I could not refuse. I really enjoy improving and reinterpreting character designs and sets. I sincerely hope that the game will entertain and please a maximum of players and fans of the first hour of which I am part. 

The first images of Toki’s remake on Switch

The story begins as the voodoo sorcerer Vookimedlo and the Bashtar demon remove Miho, Toki’s girlfriend the warrior. He was meanwhile turned into a monkey and will have to pursue them by fighting the various underlings of Vookimedlo, namely Boloragog the head of the cave labyrinth, Rambacha the leader of Lake Neptune, Mogulvar the leader of the cave fire, Zorzamoth the ice palace leader and the Bashtar demon in the dark jungle to reach the golden palace and face Vookimedloo to deliver Miho.