Exclusively reserved for the new DC Universe streaming platform from Warner Bros. in the USA, the Titans TV series will be coming soon in France via the Netflix streaming platform.

Netflix recently announced that it has won Titans’ international broadcasting rights. While the new show of the CD Comics publishing house is expected for October 12 on DC Univers (movies, TV series, comics and original productions), nothing has been confirmed yet for a broadcast in US +24 of the adaptation in real shooting of the comics Teen Titans on the US SVoD service in France.


Composed of a dozen episodes, the TV series created and produced by Greg Berlanti (it has no connection with his previous productions Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow) will show how Dick Grayson, aka Robin, goes to emancipate from his friend Batman to become Nightwing and to be the leader of a group (Young Titans / Teen Titans) new heroes including Starfire, Raven or Hawk and Dove.

A trailer for Titans