Apple’s big boss himself has asked shoppers for feedback on his company’s new devices.

It’s been 24 hours since the new iPhone is available in addition to the famous watch connected Apple Watch Series 4. Months of work – in addition to years of evolution – so that the Cupertino company now offers the best smartphone in his eyes , by the next generation. Needless to say that Apple would like to have the opinion of its fans, some of whom have spent several thousand euros from the first day to get the iPhone XS and / or the Apple Watch Series 4. Tim Cook himself, big boss of the US company worth $ 1000 billion, asked its followers on Twitter what they thought of the proposed new devices. The reactions are unanimous!

Tim Cook probes hot reviews on Twitter

“Hot” seems the right word for Tim Cook’s request. While the two new devices are available since yesterday, the man at the head of one of the largest tech companies in the world has questioned its subscribers on the iPhone XS and the Apple Watch Series 4.

I am pleased to offer these new Apple devices in the hands – and at the wrists – of so many buyers around the world. I can not wait to hear what you think!

With almost 1000 responses, the reactions were not long in coming. Many fans seem very happy with both devices and remain faithful to the Cupertino company that has created a huge fanbase over the years. The only dark spot in this virtual survey for Tim Cook: twittos do not hesitate to point the finger at the prohibitive price of these new devices …