Tim Cook also explains that the handful of users willing to put the price justifies the price increase of the iPhone.

Oh, the price of the iPhone! A constant running gag in the world of smartphones face Android models sometimes offering better technical features for a lower price. But Apple has behind it a great operating system, iOS, in addition to a unique design adorned with the iconic apple on the back. But with the iPhone X, the Cupertino company had surprised the world with a tariff … 4 digits, just that. And those unveiled the day before yesterday do not help. It was after the keynote that lifted the veil on the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max that Apple’s big boss Tim Cook spoke about the range of tarfiaire his firm interview for Nikkei.

Prices judged to be tailored to the needs of one user to another

For Tim, it’s simple: Apple wants “happy everyone”. The man explains that his firm “understands that there is a wide range of profiles and that we must offer just as much price that they will pay”. Because even if Apple is criticized for its price above $ 1000 with the latest iPhone, other models like the iPhone 7, for example, remain much more accessible with a package and still hold the road. The advantage of iOS being that the devices are always updated with the years – and so new features, enhanced security etc.

But how can Tim Cook judge such tariffs? For the man, it is the innovation and the value (of an Apple product?) Which justify such a range of prices. It must also be said that the fanbase of the Cupertino company has since accepted the gradual increase over the years, which allows Apple to achieve huge margins. Tim Cook goes further by explaining that buyers ready to put the high price are enough to offer iPhone with such prices. It is true that it would be a shame to deprive oneself, right?