InVestigation and Bomb Disposal Squads have beeen sent to the affected area.

Today Thursday in Lahore’s Anarkali Bazaar of Pakistan has been rocked by the Bomb blast, three people are dead and 23 people are injured as per the officials.

As per the statement from the Commissioner of Lahore the explosion took place at the noon time around 1:45pm.
The loction of the explosion area falls under the save city Surveillance system so evidence are being analysed as per commissioner of Lahore.

AS per the statement given by the DIG operations Lahore Dr. Muhammad Abid Khan the investigations are in early stages and nature of the explosion are being ascertained.

It also has been confirmed by Capt. Muhammad Usman Younis retired commisioner of lahore that at least three people are confirmed dead.

As per the police statement the explosion was due to a planted device but still this is not confirmed that whether it was improvised device (IED) or Timed Device. Teams from Forensic dept. are collecting the evidence.