What a person already does not have to look good. One chooses injections, another one for operations. Victoria Beckham opts for a spread based on her own blood …

On Instagram , Victoria explains what her latest addition to the beauty area entails: “To make these products, blood was taken from me. In this way, the product was precisely adapted to my skin and that helps the skin cells regenerate better. “Moreover, the chance of inflammation would be reduced and the production of collagen strengthened.

The product is not for everyone, a small jar of cream containing your own blood cells quickly costs about 1356 euros. But according to the wife of David Beckham, that’s all worth it. “After a night’s sleep with this cream on, my skin looks great and feels very soft.”

The cream was developed by Dr. Barbara Sturm. She is also known from Vampire Facials where the face is injected with own blood cells. Kim Kardashian regularly uses this remarkable treatment.