Mark Wahlberg (50) has to work hard to lose the thirteen kilos he gained for his role in the film ‘Father Stu’. He put on the weight responsibly, with the help of a professional chef, which should make the weight loss process easier than just eating junk food. Time will tell.

“It is an honor to train with people who serve our country”

By training with marines, the actor hopes to be back to his normal weight soon. This reports Page Six.  He visited the Marine Corps in San Diego, where he opened a new sports facility with a colonel. The gym uses the training program F45, a 45-minute ‘high intensity’ training, in which the actor has invested. After the ceremonial part, Mark put on his sportswear to compete with the Marines.

“It is an honor to train with people who serve our country and I am very grateful to everyone for their services. Keeping your bodies in top condition allows you to do what you do. I have a lot of respect for that and think it’s very inspiring.”