Australian singer Kylie Minogue, after a difficult break and a deadly illness, made a frank statement about her attitude towards children. Details can be found in our material.

So, Kylie Minogue, who defeated cancer , last year broke off a long relationship with 30-year-old actor Joshua Sassem. After a heavy parting, the singer struggles to return to normal life, immersed in her favorite work. So, soon there will be a new album of the artist. 

However, the occupation of the favorite business does not completely distract Kylie from emotional anxieties. 
By the way, Kylie and Joshua began to meet in 2015, and after even announced the engagement, but in February 2017 the couple broke up. According to rumors, the young actor was betraying his lover, so Minogue drove him out.
Recollecting unsuccessful relations, the singer started talking about motherhood. She confessed that she does not want children and thinks that she will never have them.

“Of course, I wonder what it’s like to be a mother. But at the moment of my life I do not even imagine myself pregnant.”

Recall that in 2005, Kylie Minogue discovered breast cancer, after which she underwent surgery and underwent chemotherapy. Only six months after the diagnosis, the celebrity returned to the stage for the first time, and later finally went on to the amendment.