Jonathan Miller, one of the best-known British theater directors, died from the effects of Alzheimer’s. According to CNN , the Brit died in the presence of his family.

Miller started his career as a doctor, but also acted and broke through in the sixties as part of the Beyond the Fringe review . Shortly thereafter (in 1962) he made his directorial debut with the piece Under Plain Cover , written by John Osborne.

In his career, he directed several operas and also plays, including six Shakespeare productions made for the BBC. He also wrote and presented more than twelve documentaries for the British broadcaster, making him a familiar face for the British.

Miller was also one of the directors of the British national theater and also artistic director of the Old Vic theater, one of the best known theaters in London.

He was honored throughout his career with various prizes and other tributes.

“His imagination knew no bounds”

BBC director Tony Hall calls Miller a “creative genius whose imagination knew no bounds”. “He was a doctor, writer, producer, director and presenter with a remarkable career.”

Miller directed several operas that were shown at the Royal Opera House. Oliver Mears, director of this opera house, calls Miller “one of the most important people in British theater and the opera of the last fifty years”.