Not even eight months pregnant, the celebrity lost her glamorous touch, and she was dressed in a very tight dress, which showed her advanced state, and with impossible heels she went shopping for her baby.

The model and television presenter, Khloe Kardashian, follows in the wake of her famous sisters and a few weeks after giving birth to her first daughter , fruit of her relationship with basketball player Tristan Thompson, she has gone shopping to finalize the arrival of your baby. And it has devastated! Khloe was looking up and down through different stores; He chatted animatedly with the shop assistants while choosing the clothes and all kinds of accessories that may be needed for his offspring. The strangest thing is that having his sister Kim a brand of baby clothes (‘Kids Supply’), how come he has not bought it from her? Will they be angry?

What we have loved has been to see her with that impeccable and supercereid outfit that made her advanced state more than evident, it is eight months old, and she completed it with vertigo heels. Of course, she was like a real queen because she bought, she bought a lot, but she did not carry a single bundle. For that I already had someone to help with the bags. That’s what being a diva has to be. Before dead, simple!