Actress Claire Holt reported the sex of her unborn child

The star of the series “The Vampire Diaries” Claire Holt announced the news of her pregnancy. Claire and her husband, Andrew Jobblen, await their first child.

On her Instagram page, Claire Holt even reported the sex of her unborn child.

As it turned out, the couple was waiting for the girl, as the ultrasound scan showed, but it turned out that they would have a boy:

Even if you are sure that you will have a girl, do not buy pink things in advance and do not choose a name until you receive a final answer from your doctor.


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Gender Reveal PSA: If you are absolutely, positively certain you’re having a girl, perhaps don’t buy a lot of pink things and choose a name before you confirm….

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Claire Holt was pregnant before that, but she could not give birth to a child. The actress had a miscarriage.