Devin Lima, 41, was one of the historic members of the American group LFO. The singer died after a short fight against cancer.

The world of music is in mourning. Devin Lima, a long-time member of the American group LFO, died at the age of 41. For only a year, the musician had been battling cancer, diagnosed at stage IV of the disease. It was his sidekick, Brad Fischetti, who had announced this terrible news a year ago. After a year of fighting, Devin Lima finally died, as confirmed by TMZ.

It was in October 2017 that Brad Fischetti announced that his friend and colleague was battling cancer: ” Devin does not feel very good, but he asked me to send you all his love and gratitude for your messages and His recovery is difficult, he has had a few painful days in the hospital, but fortunately he can now rest at home and get treatment, ” he said, while the musician had just had surgery on the adrenal gland. .

Cancer has since become widespread
The US group LFO loses its second historic member, eight and a half years after the death of Rich Cronin. The late former companion of Jennifer Love Hewitt died of acute myeloid leukemia at that time in 2005. Following her death, the LFO group was put to sleep, before being relaunched by the two remaining members. July 2017, only a few weeks after the cancer diagnosis.