If Michael took a few wrinkles, a lot of things seem to have not changed in The Return of Mary Poppins.

The first trailer of Mary Poppins Returns, or The Return of Mary Poppins in VF, still dates from last March. It was time for Disney to release a new video for his musical following the 1964 cult movie.

And a new poster by the way

Directed by Rob Marshall ( Chicago ), the feature film worn by Emily Blunt ( Edge of Tomorrow ) in the role of the famous nanny is set during the Great Depression in London, while the young Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw) n is not so young anymore. Now a widower and father of three, he faces serious money problems and needs the help of his sister Jane (Emily Mortimer). But that’s not enough and when the bank manager (Colin Firth) starts foreclosure proceedings on his house, it will result in the return of Mary Poppins and his friend Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda). During their magical and colorful adventures, our heroes will also meet Mary’s eccentric cousin, Topsy (Meryl Streep).

For those who are afraid that this sequel is not necessary, Rob Marshall comments: “Mary Poppins is the first film I saw when I was a kid. He made me love cinema, he gave me the taste of musicals, adventure and fantasy on the big screen. It is an immense honor to have been invited by Disney to adapt the other novels of PL Travers because I have always dreamed of creating an original musical comedy for the cinema. It was also an opportunity to pay homage to the classics of the genre that rocked my youth. “He also adds : “It was obvious that there were many more stories to tell. And after reading all the books in the series, we realized that we could take a different approach by focusing on the recurring theme of PL Travers’ work, which urges us not to let ourselves be consumed with disillusionment. cynicism by becoming adults, and keeping our child’s soul. 

The Return of Mary Poppins arrives at the cinema on December 19th.