They are well prepared for the Watchmen series, they’ve been able to find the director of the first episode.

The HBO Watchmen series found the director of the pilot episode for Nicole Kassell. Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbons’s 80s comic book was filmed for the first time by Zack Snyder, who later went on to take on superhero’s enthusiasm and experience in creating DCEU. Snyder’s film left mixed reactions. Many people fell in love with the visual world and their serious, adult tones, but at the same time there were some who were disappointed in the story of Snyder’s canvas, because they differed in many places from the raw material (which, of course, was titled as inadequate).

Here is another attempt to bring the comic to life that HBO is trying to try. Instead, they are trying to present the story instead of the whole movie instead of the film. Damon Lindelof, who is best known for his Lost – Lost work, will be the showrunner of the series, whose lead will be shooting in March. It is certain that Nicole Kassell will work with her in the first episode, but we know very little about the other members of the staff. Patrick Wilson had previously said that he would like to return to Nite Owl, and John Cena, who is increasingly acting for acting, has also talked about the project.

It’s not exactly exactly what direction the creators are approaching, but it has been suggested that this adaptation will not fully follow the source material, so there will be some dissatisfied sounds here.