A huge delay for an extremely anticipated game by the fans of Final Fantasy.

Fans of the famous J-RPG franchise may have found worse than Final Fantasy XV – whose name has changed many times – level late. And for good reason: Square Enix has been working for several years on the remake of the famous episode 7. Presented by the studio at E3 2015, news has been very rare between changes in artistic direction and other new decisions. And as bad news never comes alone, recent sources emanating from Ubergizmo speak of a certain delay. A delay that could give rise to the remake of Final Fantasy VII in … 2023! In other words, it may be necessary to be patient.

A potential exit for 2023

We know them, these games which take a lot of delay until a release of years after the first trailer. Final Fantasy VII remake seems to take the same path – obviously, this rumor is to be taken with tweezers. According to Ubergizmo, relayed by The Lifestream, the producer of the new episode Yoshinori Ketase and its director of developments Naoki Hamaguchi have reported the delay. This is an off-the-record discussion that would have reported an exit for 2023. In other words, the solidity of the information is questionable but not surprising when we know the final delay that takes Final Fantasy VII.

However, Hamaguchi would have explained that an exit as far as 2023 would be ” unacceptable “. Suffice to say that the man seems to want to put pressure on a development team of a project more than ambitious. As a reminder, Final Fantasy VII, first name, was marketed in 1997 on the first PlayStation. The game has quickly become over the years as a must JRPG and video game in general. Suffice to say that a remake is rather expected by fans. The latter will have to offer new blood while remaining faithful to the spirit of an episode considered as a reference.