Action, adventure and primatology.

Brad Peyton’s Rampage Trailer  with Dwayne Johnson is out:

“Rampage” for “fury” in English: it’s in the idea! The film is an adaptation of the mythical arcade game of the same name, appeared in 1986.

The official pitch

“Primatologist by profession, David Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) has a harder time connecting with his peers than with monkeys. No wonder he cared for George, an adorable gorilla of extraordinary intelligence, whom he has been caring for since birth. But following a catastrophic genetic experiment, George metamorphoses into an uncontrollable monster. And he’s not the only one, as other animals turn into rabid predators all over the country, destroying everything in their path. Okoye then decides to work hard with a geneticist (Naomie Harris) to develop an antidote. Will they be able to prevent the planet from being ravaged in time? ”

Miss Moneypenny

Surprise: in the first female role,  Naomie Harris  who is obviously Miss Moneypenny in the saga James Bond (Skyfall, Spectrum and surely in the next). She also appeared on Barry Jenkins’ multi-Oscar Moonlight  cast in 2016.

The story was adapted from the video game by writer Ryan Eagle helped by a pool of writers, counting Carlton Cuse. With films like  Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Mysterious Island, San Andreas, Incarnate … director Brad Peyton is a regular in horror or “tectonic” action movies.

Visible to the naked eye, the big work done on the creatures. The special effects were created by Colin Crause (Titanic, Avatar, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean ..),this time obviously unaccompanied by his brother Greg; And by the company Weta Digital, they also won the Oscar for their work on the saga The Lord of the Rings and The Planet of the Apes .

Rampage of Brad Peyton, with Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Åkerman and Joe Manganiello. Released in the theater in 2018.