Actor Will Smith in Hollywood on December 14, 2017.

Will Smith has shown that instead of cowering, criticisms must be faced. After the many that he received for the video he published singing ‘La Bamba’, the actor has practiced his Spanish and has once again posted a video demonstrating the great progress he has made with Spanish.

Will Smith has once again shown that he not only assumes criticism but also internalizes and manages to give the best of him.

Two days ago, the famous actor published a video where he appeared singing ‘La Bamba’ with a band. A video that was very criticized, and is that there were many users who wanted to make it clear to the interpreter that s or Spanish left a lot to be desired .


But for Will Smith there is no problem, shortly afterwards and after practicing a little, the actor has re-published a video where this time he sings the famous ‘Bamba’ with a very good Spanish . And not only that, but before starting to sing, Will dedicates a message to his followers in Spanish.