The ceremonial 60th Grammy Awards ceremony came to an end – all the figurines were distributed, and the star guests of the event are having fun on the after-play at these moments. We also tell the details of the past event and recall the brightest moments of the musical Oscar.

Return to New York

After a 15-year break, the main Grammy Award was returned from Los Angeles to New York. The awards ceremony took place in Madison Square Garden, and its lead, like last time, was British actor James Corden, known for his own evening show and, in particular, the Carpool Karaoke column.

Flashmob against violence

If on the red carpet of the Golden Globes-2018 Award all the celebrities appeared in black in protest against the harassment, then the photographers of the Grammy-2018 were posed with white roses.

It was the white rose that was chosen as a “symbol of hope, peace, sympathy and protest.” Appearing at the ceremony (who is on the track, who is right on the stage) with this flower, celebrities supported the film and television industry workers who joined the Time’s Up movement, created to protect victims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Speech by Elton John and Miley Cyrus

Speech by Elton John and Miley Cyrus was one of the highlights of the ceremony. Miley on the stage for a change appeared not naked, and the tongue did not stick out. Elton played the piano (on the instrument lay a white rose). And the whole hall was imbued with their duet.

By the way, a few days before the Grammy Awards, the British musician announced that he was stopping touring. According to the 70-year-old John, he will finish the performances after the farewell tour, which can last three years.

My priorities now are my children, my husband and my family. This is the end,

– said the artist.

Performance by Lady Gaga

Room Lady Gaga, too, has not gone unnoticed. Moreover, experts have already called her performance one of the best.

On the stage of the Madison Square Garden complex, the singer performed two songs from her fifth studio album, Joanne, sitting in a pink dress behind a white grand piano on which lay huge white wings. Sang Gaga so that the hall just froze!

Rihanna again became the heroine of memes

Rianna’s number will also be remembered . That’s just not the performance, but the mimicry of the singer, who has already managed to provoke network users to create memes.


Jay-Z was left without rewards

Last year, all attention was focused on Beyoncé. Still – shortly before the “Grammy” she announced that she was preparing for the birth of twins, in addition, the singer was nominated for a prize in nine categories (she won only two). This year, as expected, it was said about her husband Jay-Z . They said something, but as a result, the rapper was left without statuettes, and in fact was presented in eight categories.

However, this is not entirely true – one prize went to the musician, however, the day before the award itself – at Prepa. At the gala evening he was awarded the honorary award “The Icon of Industry”.

Art is very subjective. Members of the American Academy of Sound Recording are the same people as everyone else. They vote for what they like,

– Jay-Z declared that evening.

It is worth noting that the “Grammy” and the Academy of Sound Recording musician relations are not so simple. Jay-Zi boycotted the ceremony several times, stating that not always the rewards go to those who really deserve them.

Kendrick Lamar’s address to Jay-Zee

And although Jay-Z was left without rewards, Kendrick Lamar raised his spirits, taking several statuettes from the rapper.

In his speech, Lamar thanked hip-hop, as well as the legends of this musical style:

Hip-hop helped me become what I am. Now I’m touring around the world, earning money for my family. Hip-hop is a canvas for an artist. At first I thought it was a way to win fame and get expensive cars and things, but hip-hop is an opportunity to create and leave a legacy for the next generation.

The musician finished with the words addressed to Jay-Zee:

There are people in the industry, whom I still worship. And one of them is here today – Jay-Z. Show them real hip-hop! In the presidency of Jay-Zee!