In the last years of his life, the lead singer of The Prodigy, according to the musician, was absolutely alone.

The leader of the punk band Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten voiced his own version of the suicide soloist The Prodigy Keith Flint. According to Rotten, in the last years of his life, the artist was completely alone. About this writes NME.


Rotten also admitted that he and Flint were good friends, and when he found out about his death, it “broke his heart.”

“Don’t get me wrong, but no one loved him, everyone left him, and that destroyed him,” the musician said.

Rotten also did not unequivocally reject the version of suicide due to drugs, noting that this was possible.

“But you must understand that we no longer care about each other. If someone needs help, come and talk to me. You do not need to die,” he added.

The artist also said that many artists in the rock industry suffer from loneliness, and they need support.