Actor Jim Carrey is in the midst of a legal battle with the mother and ex-husband of his ex, Cathriona White, who committed suicide in the year 2015. Now the newspaper The Sun has published a letter from the young woman accusing the actor of having introduced it into cocaine or prostitution, among other things.

The life of Jim Carrey made a radical change when in 2015 his ex-girlfriend , Cathriona White , committed suicide after living several episodes that he could not overcome. Since then the family of makeup artist has not stopped blaming the actor as the main cause of the sad event.

‘The Sun’ has now published a very rough letter from the young woman addressed to the interpreter: ‘I loved life, I was happy with myself and I felt very good, I was proud of all the decisions I made and I knew you. you introduced cocaine, prostitution, psychological damage and illness. You did very good things for me, but you broke me as a person, Jim . 

A heartrending words White wrote in 2013 after one of his breaks: “I wanted to get to Jekyll but instead had to Hyde Because I love you, have caught Hyde throughout the year to be with Jekyll but kicked me out. of your life when you had what was left of me that was worth it, “he says.

The mother and ex-husband of Cathriona hope that this letter will serve as evidence against Carrey. Although the actor has said that he will not tolerate playing with the death of his ex-partner: “I will not tolerate this soulless attempt to take advantage of myself or the woman I loved.” they started long before we met and sadly none of us could have avoided this tragic end.I really hope that soon people will stop trying to take advantage of this and let it rest in peace.