A few months after the release of Gran Turismo Sport, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a statement outlining the sales of what remains the best-selling franchise in the history of PlayStation. It must be said that a significant level has been crossed since the simulation born December 23, 1997 exceeded the 80.4 million copies sold worldwide May 5, 2018. This figure, says the press release, relates well sales to consumers and not distributed copies.

Beyond the symbolic threshold that it represents, this figure is especially interesting because it allows to deduce approximately the commercial reception of Gran Turismo Sport . The Gran Turismo franchise totaled 77 million as of September 31, 2017, as the official website of the Polyphony Digital studio still indicates. Of the 3.4 million sales that have been added since, it is natural to think that at least 3 million come from the launch of Gran Turismo Sport.

For context, Gran Turismo 3 A-spec remains the undisputed champion of the franchise with 14.8 million copies sold, while Gran Turismo 6, released very late in the life cycle of the PS3, stalled shortly after the bar 5 million sales. Incidentally, the fact that God of War has sold as much in 3 days as Gran Turismo Sport in 6 months says a lot about the decline of the market for car simulations.

On the sidelines of this announcement, Sony recalls that the Championship Gran Turismo FIA 2018 starts this week in parallel of the 24 hours of Nürburgring, the German circuit constituting the first stage of the competition. The final of the Constructors Championship will be broadcast today at 15h on this link while the final of the Race of Nations will take place tomorrow at 22h on this link.