This mid-June will see extraordinary astrological phenomena with the arrival of the “full moon of strawberries”.  Ancient cultures and modern astrology speak of the meaning of this rare cosmic event.

The full moon of June is traditionally associated with the maturation and fullness of life. There are similar traditions related to marriage in many world cultures related to this particular heavenly event.

The name “full moon of strawberries  ” was given to it by Native Americans named wild strawberries that begin to ripen during this month.

Pagan cultures speak of the full moon of June as the moon of lovers.

In Europe, the “honey” or “mead-moon” was the name given to it, because that time was associated with marriages;  couples usually received honey or mead as a wedding gift during this time.  It is also a name that probably gave birth to the term “honeymoon”.

Meanwhile, the Indian tradition celebrated the lunar event under the name of Vat  Purnima , where married women celebrated a fasting ritual and wished their husbands a long and happy life.

The exact time of June’s full moon is 08:31 UTC (GMT) today, so by the time you read this, it may have technically already have waxed to 100% illumination and be on the wane.

The alignment of the stars and several major planets would coincide with the phase of the “full strawberry moon”, and the cosmic consequences are studied and disseminated by astrologers. The are  explanations they give are that the energy increases with the approach of the full moon and the “full moon strawberries” in Sagittarius is so intense that we are attracted to a power that connects us with immoderate thought force.  Thus, you will have more ease to feel your emotions and your intuition.  This day of June 17th would represent a climax in your  life.

Among several other planetary events, Jupiter, the dominant planet of Sagittarius, will be, during this period, particularly large and luminous, which, according to astrologers, will not fail to stir up your curiosity as human.