It is unlikely that the 39-year-old Anna Eberstein at the very beginning of her novel with Hugh Grant assumed that she would become the first wife of a Hollywood actor. As reported by foreign media, 57-year-old Grant is preparing for the wedding. According to the information received, the celebration will be held in the next month.

Perhaps, the fact that the “eternal bachelor” Grant will dare to such a serious step seemed incredible. After all, the actor had a lot of bright novels, but none of his beloved never waited for the offer of the hand and heart. About the wedding it became known from declaration, which appeared in the registration chamber of the districts of Kensington and Chelsea near the house of Hugh.

“H Neither of Hugh’s friends already thought that this day would come. He will soon become a pensioner and, at last, a family man, “Grant’s acquaintances say.

In March of this year, the actor became the father for the fifth time, and the most surprising is that all the children of Grant appeared after he was 50 years old. About the birth of the last child announced Liz Hurley, who had previously had a 13-year affair with Hugh. A new baby, whose name, whose sex Hurley did not disclose, was already the third joint child of Grant and Eberstein. In the fall of 2012 she gave birth to his son John Mungo . And in December 2015, Anna gave Grant another child, a girl . However, this time, Grant and Anna preferred to keep the name of their “child” in secret. In addition, Hugh has two more children – from the Chinese Tinglan Hong. In 2011, Hong gave birth to his daughter Tabitha, and a year later (when the actor briefly reunited with her) – the son of Felix.