The number of victims of the new coronavirus COVID-2019 in China has increased to 2912 people. This was reported by the State Committee on Hygiene and Health of China.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in China exceeded 80 thousand people, more than 44.4 thousand people have recovered at the moment. According to TASS , the largest number of infected (67.1 thousand cases) was registered in Hubei province.

On February 29, the World Health Organization (WHO) maintained the level of danger of the international spread of the new coronavirus COVID-2019 as “very high.”

An outbreak of a new species of coronavirus COVID-2019 was recorded in Chinese Wuhan in late December. Later, the infection spread to other countries. The most acute situation is in Italy , South Korea and Iran .

On February 24, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui said that Chinese experts have developed a vaccine that was previously considered effective against COVID-2019. However, the WHO announced the absence of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus.