The Courtship

Dating is not always easy these days. Endless swiping and messages that are not answered: for many people it is everyday life. So why wouldn’t you want to go back in time two hundred years? That’s what the makers of ‘The Courtship’ – a new dating show where a group of singles go back to the ‘Regency era’ – must have thought.

Suit up, hand in the phone and off to an old castle; that’s roughly what participation in the  The Courtship program looks like. You can call it a cross between The Bachelor and  Bridgerton  . In the trailer that NCB has dropped, we see the protagonist, Nicole Remy, who imagines himself in a castle in the countryside surrounded by hills, in search of a new lover. No fewer than sixteen men compete to win Nicole’s heart. 

Completely in the style of the time where the Netflix hit  Bridgerton  is set, the bachelors have to win Nicole over. Her family also lends a hand. Father Claude, mother Claire, sister Danie and best friend Tessa will share their thoughts on the single men.

In the trailer of this special dating show we see the first images of different dates in this old-fashioned way: