You have certainly heard about it but if you ever live as a hermit since the heat wave, we offer you a little catch-up session. Jason Statham, Donnie Yen, John Mayer … All these stars broke the Internet by making the Bottle Cap Challenge on Instagram. The goal ? Kicking a bottle (martial arts version eh not just casually tapping a can on the floor) to unscrew its cap simply with the force of the keystroke. And inevitably, what becomes viral on the Web inevitably lands on American television.

‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ blindfolded done by Donnie Yen

All the others did it with the eyes open but Donnie Yen the famous Director and actor of chinese martial movies did the bottle cap challenge blindfolded.

Jason Statham Star of Fast and furious and many other hit movies also take the bottle cap challenge and did it successfully.