Overcast is broadly known as to be the best application of podcast on iOS. Many of the users might sees its interface as nonesense and slick feature like cutting of dead air and boost of voices make Apple’s Over cast app as rough one. Untill now you have had to pay $5 to avail its features all that are offered by Overcast. But with the release of Overcast 2 by App Creator Marco Arment it has been switched to a 100% free business model. Marco Arment put it, “he didn’t like seeing that almost 80% users don’t use the app with its full potential. But user can still donate $1 per month if you want to help but this contribution is only optional not a compulsion.

If you are making guess that its all about unlocking the features present already that’s not the case. Arment also mentions that ” if only 5% of the users become monthly partners, Overcast will meets its previous revenue.”

He also stated that if user decide to donate might gain access to exclusive Ovecast features of the future.

Overcast 2 is bundled with variety of news updates, its include the ability to stream podcasts without downloading complete episode. Smart speed and voice boost features works during the streaming of a file.