The wickedness of all the Avatar Films coming, Stephen Lang, will be the second film as …

James Cameron’s sequels for his and his fans are also important enough to bring a lot of revenue, as if the two sequels are not well done, they will elicit the fourth and fifth sections, and we will never know how Cameron imagined the closure of the story.


We’ve already been told that Stephen Lang, the bad guy of the first episode, returns to all of the sequels (though somehow it seems we’ve seen him die in the 2009 movie) and not introducing a new evil in each movie. In Movieweb’s interview he answered the question about the technical side of the second part of Avatar:

Too complicated, too detailed for me is to suddenly pour into words. I mean, it’s no secret that we’re doing a lot of underwater motion capture, which is not just a pioneer but has never done anything to us before.

Then when they tried to extract information from the second part, he said, briefly:

It will remind you of the first Avatar in many ways, but rather of its steroid-inspired version.