If the autonomous car is extremely innovative and could prove to be more practical, it also induces a certain stress for some of the passengers …

The very idea of ​​getting into an autonomous car can be pretty scary. After all, it’s a computer that controls the speed and direction of the car. What to be afraid of, no? Apple may have come up with an ingenious idea to better manage these situations: by detecting the level of stress of passengers.

Apple imagines an autonomous car that adapts its behavior

According to a recently discovered patent, the Cupertino company would have the idea of ​​an autonomous car equipped with various sensors used to follow in real time the stress level of the passenger. According to the figures collected, the vehicle could then adjust its driving style to make the trip easier and avoid the panic crisis on board.

For example, if the system detects high stress, high levels of nervousness, it could make the decision to drive more slowly to give the passenger time to get used to being on board. These sensors would evaluate many elements, such as passenger eye movements, body position, gestures, pupil dilation, eye blinks, body temperature, heart rate, breathing, head position and much more.

According to the stress of the passengers

As with any patent, it is impossible to know if this system will ever become a reality. It’s also impossible to know what Apple intends to do with this concept. The apple brand has been working for many years on autonomous driving technologies. The idea of ​​an autonomous car stamped Apple seems today forgotten but the Cupertino company could offer its complete system to other manufacturers …