Joe Manganiello turned 41 on December 28 and his wife, actress Sofia Vergara, found the perfect gift. A few days later, still in shock at what his wife offered him, he posted on his Twitter account.


“For my birthday, my wife asked @dindwizards ( Dungeons & Dragons ) @ novicen8 (Nathan Stewart) to put her in touch with Jeff Easley (who painted all the covers of the books and playbooks I have read while growing up) and then hired him (without my knowledge) to immortalize my D & D #Arkhan character in this oil painting! Arkhan is the favorite character of Joe Manganiello in  Dungeons & Dragons .

Role play fan

For those who do not know, Joe Manganiello is an unconditional fan of role-playing.


Who wore it best??

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So much so that his wife, to make him happy (and have peace), had a special playroom set up in the basement of their house so that he could play with his friends.