It is no secret that Kanye West, with all his public flaws, is a very generous man, and regularly pleases his relatives with gifts. About one such gift in the podcast Pretty Big Deal With Ashley Graham told Kim Kardashian: on Mother’s Day, Kanye gave his wife a check for a million dollars.

“One brand offered me a million dollars for a post advertising their clothes, and these clothes – I will not say what brand it is – almost a copy of Yeezy,” Kim said. – I, of course, asked Kanye what he thinks about this, and he said: “No, dear, I really do not want you to agree to this.” His opinion is understandable, but this is really a lot of money! ”

“A week later comes Mother’s Day, and he leaves the city to sign up, and now I get my bouquet and some kind of envelope. I open the envelope – and there is a check for a million dollars and a note from Kanye with the words “thank you for always supporting me and did not post,” Kim continued. – And in the envelope was a contract co-owner of Yeezy, for a percentage. And so I had a gift for Mother’s Day. ”