On Thursday, Elon Musk presented the Cybertruck, all armored and electric terrain with a futuristic design. But not as solid as it seems: the windows broke during the test.

A monster, this “Cybertruck”! This Thursday, Elon Musk wanted to present in big pumps the first armored and electric pick-up of Tesla. But not everything went as planned.

The car seems to come straight out of a retro-futuristic universe, like 80s SF film. With its aggressive and ultra-clean lines, it takes on the air of a combat vehicle covered with a revolutionary silver metal armor. Except that shielded, the Cybertruck is not so much as hoped!

During the presentation, steel balls were thrown on the windows of this car straight out of Blade Runner to test their resistance. And they immediately shattered! Enough to make fun of, and the public did not miss it. Well, to be honest, the projectile did not go through the wall, but it did not look like it could support a second salvo. Not great for an armored vehicle, was it electric. In case of apocalypse, the Cybertruck is perhaps not the best choice.