It would seem that for any British actor to play James Bond is an honor, prestigious and practically “dream job”, but here Teron Edgerton, for example, admits that he does not want to be 007 at all. It is understandable – the secret agent in an elegant suit Edgerton has already managed to visit the “Kingsman: Secret Service”.

The 29-year-old actor admitted in a new interview that the role of Eggsy in the Kingsman franchise made the cult role of James Bond “less attractive” (although if he had been offered a role in the franchise after Daniel Craig left, Teron would certainly have flattered “).

“I made a name for myself thanks to the spy franchise, so this role attracts me less. Of course, if Barbara Broccoli – or the one who can replace her – calls, it will be a great honor for me, but … ”

Very soon we will see Teron in the new action-fantasy “Robin Hood: A Beginning”, which critics have already managed to mix with mud (however, another example of Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur’s Sword” showed that for some reason, critics really dislike it ). On the Rotten Tomatoes, the rating of the new “Robin Hood” is a record low of 14%. The audience, by the way, turned out to be much friendlier to Teron – the user rating on the same RT is 79%. In movie theaters, the film will appear on November 29.