Actress Mackenzie Davis may be one of the new faces of the future Terminator 6.

While filming is scheduled to begin next June, details are beginning to arrive for Terminator 6 . For the record, the next film of the license should be used to launch a new trilogy and act as a direct result of Terminator 2: Judgment Day , ignoring the following opus ( Rise of the Machines , Salvation and Genisys ). Today, Variety understands that director Tim Miller ( Deadpool ) is negotiating with actress Mackenzie Davis for a role.

A promising start for Terminator

The notoriety of the latter continues to climb since the series Halt and Catch Fire and has been seen in Blade Runner 2049 and Black Mirror. Rumor has it that Davis embodies a soldier assassin on mission, but the scenario is still mysterious and the negotiations visibly still in progress, the tweezers are in order.

Moreover, the actress could only have a second role, because the production would always be looking for a Latin actress for the main role that would be there for all the new trilogy. Be that as it may, Davis would join a cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, back in their respective roles of Terminator and Sarah Connor.

 James Cameron back

The story of this reboot was written by Miller, but also David Ellison of Skydance (co-produced) and especially James Cameron, dad of the first two opus. Billy Ray should take care of fine-tuning the script for this film, which is due for summer 2019.