Terminator 6 , scheduled on our screens on July 26, 2019, still puts us in a damn delicate position. On the one hand, we are very happy that the franchise returns to the hands of its creator and another, we are still pretty scalded by all the previous films. But, we never know, a miracle is always possible.

In any case, what is certain is that  James Cameron and director  Tim Miller do not take the subject lightly, well aware of the enormous stake that is theirs. It must also be said that  Terminator 6 has several missions. Already, he must wash the honor of the saga after a  Terminator: Genisys damn bad and almost killed her, and then, the film must be the starting point of a trilogy that should introduce new characters. Sacred challenge so, but a project definitely exciting, for the better and for the worse besides, since we already know that in addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film will see the great return of Sarah Connor, again interpreted by Linda Hamilton.

And, to get us to lay this final Terminator , Cameron and Miller do not skimp on the means implemented since, in the manner of Transformers, they set up a few months ago a writers’ cabinet composed of Justin Rhodes, Josh Friedman and David Goyer, to think about the best way to bring the license back to the top. Apparently things are pretty good and their work is now over because we learn today, via the site Joblo, that the studio has just hired a new author to complete the whole and ask the final finishes on the script. And it’s not about anyone since the lucky one is Billy Ray, responsible for the screenplay of Captain Phillips but also from Flight Plan and the Hunger Games saga.

A man who is far from being a beginner and who seems to handle at the same time stories with big spectacle that more intimates postulates more centered on his characters. In short, everything you need for Terminator again become finally Terminator. Now, there is more than crossing your fingers.