A 15-year-old Brazilian girl decided to end it after being intimidated by classmates. A picture of his body was even published on a messaging site after his death.

According to Buzzfeed, Karina Saifer Oliveira was a “typical teenager”. Her parents did not suspect that their daughter was thinking of suicide.

On November 7, when her mother returned from work, she found Karina’s body on the back balcony of the family home.


At the age of 14, Karina reportedly had sex with a 17-year-old man. Their relationship was rumored in the small Brazilian municipality where she lived, as well as at her school, where there were about 900 students. Rumors also circulated claiming that the teenager was showing intimate photos of Karina as “trophies”.

Still according to Buzzfeed, her parents only realized the extent of bullying their daughter was undergoing after her death

“She was really persecuted at school,” said her father Aparecido Oliveira. “After his death, student messages were found on his Whatsapp email account, hate messages … they had been sending them for over a year,” he adds.

The girl was also intimidated by her curly hair, which she had used to flatten to avoid mockery.

The principal of his school, Acacio Sampaio, told Buzzfeed that the school was aware that Karina looked sad and had “a distant look”, but not that she was being intimidated.

“We did not know what was going on. That’s the problem with bullying: silence, “he said.

Even after death

Karina’s story did not end with her suicide, however, since just after the sad event, her sister received a picture of her body on a Whatsapp group.

“The only people who were there were the crime scene experts and the police. I still wonder who could have leaked these photos, “said Karina’s mother.

Local authorities denied that they had let slip the macabre cliché.