Because of her support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (77), Cardi B (27) receives many hate messages from supporters of Donald Trump (74). One of them even posted her home address on social media and called on people to burn her house, the rapper says in a live video on Instagram on Sunday.

“They attack me, they laugh at me, and I ignore them”

“They attack me, they laugh at me, and I ignore them,” said Cardi in the video, not showing her face. “But it got so bad that I hired a private investigator and had to sue him,” she says of the person who shared her private information online. “This kid was a f * cking teen, his parents were in shock.”

Yet the musician does not intend to hold back when it comes to political statements. “It’s no secret that I use my platform to get people to vote. I love politics, and I support the Democratic Party. Everyone knows I don’t like Trump.”

Cardi shared the video shortly after she got into a discussion with conservative political commentator Candace Owens on Twitter. He had said that the rapper let herself be used by Biden and that she could continue to focus on her music. The musician doesn’t want to hear about it: “I pay taxes, I’m a good American. Just as I can entertain people, I can encourage millions of followers to vote.”