Soon the new book by Amber Portwood (31) – known for ‘Teen Mom’ – will be released. The reality star makes candid revelations and one of them is that she also likes women, she says in the new season of ‘Teen Mom’.

“I was going to take this secret with me to my grave”

Even before her new book PG-13 comes out, Amber makes a big reveal. At the start of the brand new season of Teen Mom , the reality star says she is afraid of the reactions to her book. Now we know why: Amber also likes women and fears what people will think about it. “People will probably be surprised that I’m bisexual and that I’ve been in a relationship with a woman for eight months,” she says. 

In PG-13 , Amber is more candid than ever before. “I’m giving myself up to the world again,” she says.

Amber is most afraid of her ex Gary Shirley’s reaction to her public coming out. Gary already knows about her sexual preference, but is unaware that she is going to share it with the rest of the world. “I suspect he’s going to think it’s going to be bad for our daughter and things like that,” Amber says. “He doesn’t even want to go to couples therapy… he just sees this as another shame.” 

Her two children were the very reason for Amber to come out: ”I don’t want my children to think it’s bad and I want them to look at other people with an open mind”. “Who am I to hide myself from who I am. Which is what I wanted to do first. I intended to take this secret with me to my grave,” she explains.