In Team Fortress 2 , there is only fighting between male characters. An injustice for the feminine sex which was once mentioned in Valve, before being put in the closet.

A concept artist studio, Drew Wolf shared on its site some images of his work on the subject, and which are based on “an internal project to provide female characters in the cast of Team Fortress 2.”

As we can see in our gallery of images, if not a more feminine build, it was a question of preserving the styles of each of the classes:

“I was responsible for the story, the development of the characters and the visual universe. With the exception of their class, it was important that each design gave rise to a brand new character. I wanted these characters to be alive and have their own universe in relation to those already available. The objective of this project was to see what was possible and facilitated the creative discussions on this subject, “ says the artist.

Drew Wolf does not say why the project was dumped – but one can imagine that in a fast-FPS, the silhouette being very important, to propose alternative versions of the different characters could cause risks of optimization.