Taylor Swift’s old record label, Big Machine Records, denies that the singer is not allowed to use her own music. The world star claims that she is forbidden to sing her old songs at the American Music Awards and is not allowed to play in a Netflix documentary. According to the record company, however, the fork has a different handle.

“We don’t even have the right to say that she can’t perform with her early music”

Big Machine Records has been in the hands of the famous star manager Scooter Braun since July. He suddenly became the owner of almost all of Taylor Swift’s music because the label has the rights to the original recordings. According to the singer, this was part of a Scooter campaign for many years. Taylor is therefore considering re-singing her first six albums.

In a statement, Big Machine Records says it is “shocked” by Taylor’s allegations. The label says it has never banned her. “We don’t even have the right to say that she can’t play with her early music. Since she left us, we’ve been trying to meet all her requests.”

The Scooter team believes that they have done everything to keep the conversation with Taylor going and find a solution. “We saw progress over the past two weeks and were optimistic to end this conflict,” the statement said. Big Machine Records therefore finds it reprehensible that Taylor is blacking out the label on social media and calling in her fans to speak out on the issue. “This has major consequences for the safety of our employees and their families.”

Finally, the record company turns directly to Taylor: “Your story is not right. The only thing we want is an open and honest conversation. Then you will see that from our side there is only respect, kindness and support. you did not accept one of our invitations to talk, “said Big Machine Records. “We have a common goal, to offer your fans the entertainment they deserve.”

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