Taylor Swift: Even her cat is getting ready for her “Reputation Tour” tour!

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Taylor Swift adores her cat and as proof of this affection, the star takes the example of her pet to prepare for her upcoming tour. Discover the cliché that says a lot!

Taylor Swift fans are eagerly awaiting the start of her big tour: “Reputation Tour”. But Tay Tay does not prepare solo for this series of concerts. The star posted on his Instagram account a photo of his pet in a very original position.
A posture that seems worthy of a yoga class. The interpreter of “End Game”comments the cliché as ” we are all preparing for the choreography of the tour .” A sentence that suggests many dances during shows Taylor Swift.

We are all stretching to prep for that tour choreo.

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Taylor Swift, ready for 2018!

If Taylor Swift still has a few months to refine her choreography with her cat, she will have to be ready next May for the first concert. With the success of his sixth album, Tay Tay could beat new records with this tour. We are talking about no less than $ 450 million in tickets.
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