In July 2017, Taylor Swift fans learned that the popular singer is ready to move around the city, even in a suitcase, to avoid any contact with the paparazzi. Hearing about such an extravagant way to avoid the attention of the paparazzi would have remained a rumor if it had not been confirmed by ex-lead singer of One Direction Zayn Malik in an interview with Vogue.

28-year-old Taylor Swift has chosen a very extravagant way to travel – in a suitcase. For the first time these crazy rumors appeared in 2017, when the singer worked on the soundtrack for the film “Fifty shades darker.” The paparazzi caught the twelve guards of a star taking a bulky suitcase out of her apartment in New York, which Taylor herself was supposed to be in. And now this ridiculous, seemingly, news received confirmation from the mouth of Zein Malik in his interview to the British magazine Vogue.

At that time, the 25-year-old musician worked with Taylor Swift on a joint track I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, which became the main song in the sequel to Fifty Shades of Gray. According to him, the singer constantly travels in a suitcase, and this is her extreme way to avoid unnecessary attention.


However, Taylor Swift is not the only star ready for desperate steps. Robbie Williams once admitted that he was carrying his girlfriend and Spice Girls lead singer Jerry Halliwell out of the house to hide her from the paparazzi. A British singer Adel in her world tour was taken to a concert in a box in order to leave her unnoticed by her fans before the performance.